sTunes Player version 1.1.2

[ Overview ]

sTunes Player is a JavaScript Application that can load iTunes Library (iTunes Music Library.xml or iTunes Library.xml) and play music on your web browser. It works more smoothly than original iTunes, even if you have huge library file including tens of thousands of songs.

If you are getting annoyed with iTunes performance, please try sTunes Player.

For security reasons of JavaScript, you have to run sTunes Player on your local machine. See Launch section.

The localization is not completed yet. I have checked this app only in Japanese and English environment.
In other language environments, sTunes might not run correctly. If you found empty song list or any other problems, please email me at .

sTunes Player cannot play following audio files because of web browser and JavaScript issue.

These tracks are displayed in gray-out on the tracklist.

[ Online DEMO ]

Before download, you can check performance of sTunes Player. Please access to the demo from PC.

-> sTunes Player online Demo

[ Download ]

-> sTunes Player version 1.1.2 ( : approx. 33 kB

[ Recommended Browser ]

Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

[ Quickstart ]

[ Launch ]

  1. Download and extract
  2. You will find index.html in extracted "sTunesx_x_x" folder.
  3. Open index.html on web browser.
  4. Load iTunes (Music) Library.xml.

iTunes (Music) Library.xml created by iTunes 10 or later can be loaded correctly. I have not tested more previous versions of iTunes Library.xml yet.

[ Operation ]

[ Keyboard Oparation ]

[ Search ]

Search strings are recognized as Regular Expressions.

For example, when you want to search tracks "R.E.M" by Artist and set the search keyword to "r.e.m", results will contain artist named "R.E.M" and "George Michael" and more. In regexp, the decimal point matches any single character except the newline character.
If you expected to search only "R.E.M", you have to escape the decimal points ; "r\.e\.m".

Details of JavaScript Regular Expressions here : MDN - JavaScript Regular Expressions.

[ Release Note ]

[ Privacy / Security ]

[ Privacy / Security ]

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